About Us

The Army Alliance

The Army Alliance is a non-profit civic organization operating under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Founded in 1999, the Army Alliance’s overarching objective is the well-being of the programs and organizations of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).   To date, the Army Alliance has secured over $300 million for APG-related programs.


The work of the Army Alliance is supported by sponsors from the business community and by grants from local agencies.

Through its presence in Northeastern Maryland, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C., the Army Alliance works to:

  • Maintain Aberdeen Proving Ground as a key national defense asset and an economic driver to Maryland and Delaware by supporting its organizations, programs, and missions.
  • Articulate Aberdeen Proving Ground’s value to national defense as a center of research, development, test, evaluation, and acquisition.
  • Help attract government and industry organizations to increase the region’s economic viability
  • Act as a coordinating body for organizations, groups, clubs, and individuals who have interest in maintaining a healthy and stable Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Learn about Military in Maryland:

CLICK HERE to view a video produced by Maryland Department of Commerce, Office of Military and Federal Affairs. 

Chesapeake Science & Security Corridor (CSSC)

The Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor (CSSC), home to Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), includes the following regions of Maryland:

  • Harford County
  • Baltimore County
  • Cecil County
  • Baltimore City

 Strategic partners include:

  • Chester, York and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania
  • New Castle County, Delaware
  • Metropolitan Planning Councils of Baltimore and Wilmington
  • Greater Baltimore Committee
  • Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore

 The CSSC brings together eight jurisdictions in three states to ensure success in the event of a  Base Realignment and Closure (PDF) action.  CSSC members and partners work together to ensure a high quality of life for those who live and work in our growing defense community.


The APG-CSSC Regional Office is part of the Harford County Office of Economic Development and serves as a communications clearinghouse and event coordination hub for regional BRAC-related information and activities, as well as standing up the APG-CSSC Commuter Center which is grant funded through the Office of Economic Adjustment.


Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground is now one of the most diversified military installations in the United States and the work that takes place at this 72,000-acre complex touches almost every aspect of U.S. military operations.  Considered a “megabase,” APG serves as a national center for science and technology.


For much of its 100-year history, APG was known as a test and evaluation facility for the Army and home to Ordnance troops.  As a result of the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005 and other factors, APG has evolved into a hub of research, development, test and evaluation activity for the joint services.  Not only has the installation grown larger, its role among military bases changed.   Visit their web site