Final Study

Following the public review and comment period for the APG JLUS, all public comments received were catalogued and addressed in the JLUS documents as appropriate to produce the Final JLUS and Background Report. The APG JLUS, Background Report and Executive Summary were approved by the JLUS Executive Committee. The reports will be presented to the Study Area jurisdictions for adoption in the coming months. The Final JLUS documents can be viewed from the links below.


Click here to view the Final Joint Land Use Study. This is the main JLUS document which provides a summary of key findings and areas affected, and includes the recommended strategies.


Click here to view the Final JLUS Background Report less the Appendix. This document provides detailed information on existing conditions and compatibility issues, and is a supporting document to the main JLUS Report.


Click here to view the Final JLUS Background Report Appendix. This document provides a Background Report on Water Issues at APG, Background Report on Climate Change Issues, a summary of each Advisory Committee Meeting, presentation to the Executive Committee, and a summary of each Public Meeting.


Click here to view the Executive Summary Brochure. This document provides a summary of the JLUS including project background, compatibility assessment, recommended strategies, and the Military Compatibility Area Overlay District and each compatibility area comprising the District.