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November 2017 Newsletter for Army Alliance Sponsors

The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to provide our sponsors relevant information from the monthly Army Alliance Board of Director meetings. This issue is based upon our November 2, 2017 meeting.

Military Corps Career Connect (C3)

There was a pre-meeting presentation on Military Corps Career Connect (C3) by Tim O’Farrell, General Manager of the Fort Meade Alliance and Kim Joyner, Veteran Navigator, Susquehanna Workforce Network.  C3 is a statewide initiative (funded by a $4.3M grant) to help ensure a smooth transition of military to civilian employment in the community.  The program works with active duty military, their spouses and recently separated veterans (4 years of less) to help them navigate the employment process.  The program provides for subsidized internships and on-the-job training, project-based learning opportunities, job preparation and much more.  The program provides for benefits to the businesses that hire the veterans, so it is a real win-win. 

Benefits to businesses include:
- On-the-Job Training:  An opportunity to close the skills gap for new employees, utilizing a plan that reimburses businesses a percentage of the trainee’s wages up to $12,000.
- Work & Learn Training:  A hands-on paid work experience, using the host business’ methods to train, with the grant paying the veterans/spouses $15/hour, working 32 hours per week up to 8 weeks.
- Work Opportunities Tax Credits:  Up to $9,600 in tax credits for the business when they hire a disabled veteran.
- Expedited Credentialing & Licensing:  C3 can help speed up the process of obtaining licenses and credentials so that the new employee can start the job faster.

Federal Legislative Discussion

Jim Gauthier reported for the Livingston Group.  The Tax Reform/Tax Cut issue is taking up most of the time of the legislators through the end of the year.  The Continuing Resolution will run through December 8, 2017. It is likely there will be a six-week Continuing Resolution to keep the government operating into January.  The House has finished appropriation work.  Jim Gauthier has not seen the Senate’s Defense or Homeland Security Appropriation to ensure the Chemical Security Analysis Center (CSAC) at APG is funded.  The National Defense Authorization is moving quickly.  Nothing to report related to APG interests.  Jim Gauthier is looking into changes proposed for A-76, Commercial Activities Studies.  He is also tracking the JROTC issue with Senator Van Hollen’s office.  

2019 Legislative Priorities

The timeline for Army Alliance to identify legislative priorities for FY19 has been established.  There will be meetings with senior leaders across APG before the end of calendar year.  The Army Alliance will meet with MG Taylor in January.  Draft of white papers will be done in February, with submission of asks in March. 

Association of Defense Communities (ADC) 2018 Great American Defense Communities (GADC)  

The Army Alliance submitted a  nomination package for the Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor.  Package focused on three programs:  Support to the Fallen, Preservation of the Rich Heritage of APG and Harford Community College, A Military Friendly School.  Five defense communities will be honored by the ADC.  Winners should be announced shortly.

New Army Alliance Website 

Watch for news on the launch of the new Army Alliance website.

Army Alliance Newsflash

The Army Alliance publishes a three times a week "Newsflash" providing links to news articles related to APG and its missions.  The "Newsflash" also includes upcoming events. Click for a sample:   NOV 8 NEWSFLASH 
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Harford County Update

Karen Holt reported that the county dedicated its first bus shelter on October 28th at Aberdeen train station.   A spec building going up on the Perryman peninsula is progressing quickly.  There will be an Office of Economic Adjustment session on December 5th that Karen Holt will attend.  She is hearing more about BRAC, and stated that we may hear more next month.  She stated that we are well situated with no big issues in our Joint Land Use Study (JLUS).  January 2018 will be the County’s bond rating.  They have been Triple-A rated in the past, and she feels optimistic about their projections.  DEFTECH is proceeding with an early December ribbon cutting.  The office will include representatives from APG who will help to promote commercialization and technical transfer opportunities from APG. 

Army Alliance Activities

Opening of APG Army Bicentennial Time Capsule, Oct 16.  Several board members were in attendance to include Kathleen Beck, Denise Carnaggio, Pete Christensen, Jill McClune, and Sue Nappi.  Most of the items in the Capsule were print media.  Army Alliance provided their 2017 Annual Report for the new time capsule.

Army Research Lab (ARL) Open House, Oct 18-19, Tom Albro and Jill McClune followed along online.  Dr. Perconti’s presentation was 45 minutes, and he discussed the open campus, CRADAs, and partnerships.  Separately, Dr. Perconti addressed the difference between the terms of iHUB and Open Campus.  Dr. Perconti stated that not everyone has embraced either of the terms.  Open Campus is a business philosophy (government employees need to be inclusive, working with industry and academia), the iHUB is the physical place they share to do the work.  ARL posted video on their website that you can view at your leisure:  CLICK HERE 

APG Centennial Gala, Oct 20, Army Alliance hosted the Pre-Gala Reception at 5:30PM, with 200 in attendance.  780 were in attendance at the Gala.  Many Army Alliance Board members were in attendance and the Pre-Gala Reception reflected well on the Army Alliance. 

Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) Fall Conference, Oct 23 at Patuxtent River, Maryland.  Karen Holt attended along with Sue Nappi.  Mike Hayes briefed at the conference, stating that Lisa Swoboda will be the acting Director of the Office of Military and Federal Affairs, Maryland Department of Commerce, upon his retirement.  He also talked about how he believed there is a strong probability that by Christmas we would hear about a BRAC in 2021.  The State has set up a BRAC committee in anticipation of a BRAC being announced.  They have been quietly working to identify workload that could move to APG.  Tim O’Farrell, Fort Meade Alliance was part of a panel discussion on Alliances.  He talked about the Military Corps Career Connect program which he briefed to Tom Albro and Sue Nappi on Oct 25th , 2017, and again to the Board on November 2, 2017.

Fort Meade Alliance Meeting, Oct 25.  Tom Albro and Sue Nappi met with Tim O’Farrell (Fort Mead Alliance), a rep from Anne Arundel workforce (Art Reeside), and Kim Joyner and Joe Ricci from Susquehanna Workforce Network.  They provided a briefing on Military Corps Career Connect (C3).  Tom Albro invited them to attend and brief at the next Army Alliance Board meeting.

Maryland Military Installation Council Meeting, Oct 30, Jill McClune attended.  LT Governor Rutherford and Senator Van Hollen participated.  The first part of the meeting focused on Mike Hayes' retirement.  

APG Joint Land Use Study (JLUS )Meeting, Oct 30, was attended by Tom Albro, Karen Holt and Sue Nappi.  Community members met for an hour to discuss what efforts should be identified for Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) funding.  APG joined for the second hour of the meeting.  All in attendance came to a consensus and agreed on seven studies to be submitted for an OEA grant.  These studies will be identified at the APG Community Leaders event on November 30th.  

Spirit of Thanks Tour, Nov 9.  Army Alliance is providing a sponsorship to this Harford Chamber of Commerce event.  Danny DeMarinis and Denise Carnaggio are participating for the Army Alliance.

Army Alliance Breakfast, Nov 28.  All are requested to spread the word about this breakfast at the Richlin Ballroom.  MG Randy Taylor will be the keynote speaker.  REGISTER HERE

APG Community Leaders Event
, Hosted by Harford County, 2:30, Nov 30 at Rockville Manor.  This is a bi-monthly meeting and the hosts alternate with Harford County, Cecil County and APG.  The focus for the Nov 30th meeting is the JLUS.  Additionally, there will be a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing with Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED) and APG on the use of Ground Floor facility as a media center/incident command in the event of emergencies/incidents on APG.

Next Army Alliance Board Meeting is December 7th, 2017.

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